Ida Wyman Photography

Who is Ida Wyman?

"I want the photo a certain synchrony of heart, eye and brain." Ida Wyman

Ida Wyman is one of the most fascinating artists in photography today. When Ida first started her photography career in the 1940s as a magazine photographer, an industry that was almost exclusively male at the time, she started out as a "girl" mailroom boy at Acme Newspictures (later UPI) and worked her way up from there. A trail blazing and innovative photographer, Ida has inspired many photographers, both male and female.

Ida strives to capture everyday life of everyday people in all its frustrating, illogical and banal glory. From her classic Girl with Curlers photograph of a little girl on the street in LA staring defiantly at the viewer to the delicate symmetrical composition of Wrought Iron with Snow, Ida photographed what moved and inspired her. 

You can easily connect the dots between many artists photographing today with Ida Wyman. Her unique brand of street photography helped define a fledgling style still trying to define itself. Street photography has since evolved, but the roots Ida helped lay with others such as Arthur Fellig, Ruth Orkin and Arthur Leipzig are still visible. Although not as famous as some of her contemporaries, Ida was one of the defining artists of early street photography that helped shape how we look at our world.

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Ida Wyman's signed, original photographs are available for purchase at the following galleries

Monroe Gallery of Photography
  505-992-0800 • Santa Fe

Catherine Couturier Gallery
  713-524-5070 • Houston

Stephen Cohen Gallery
  323.937.5525 • Los Angeles